Put the strength of Hercules to work for you!


DON’T BLEND IN, STAND OUT and be bold. Properly chosen color will grab you by the collar and make you listen, it demands your attention. Nobody ever made a statement by being bland, so why take your printing to the big box store that specializes in dull?

COLOR CAN CREATE IMPACT just as much as words. Your message may be brilliant but if your execution is lifeless then it will fall on deaf ears. At Hercules Press we understand color. We live for color. We never travel anywhere without our swatch book.

WE KNOW DESIGN and how best to use color, but achieving that wow factor, making color literally sing on paper is what we do best. Hercules Press is in the business of working closely with people and helping them separate themselves from the pack, not blend in.

If you want plain vanilla there are plenty of megastores serving it up in huge quantities. If you want the right color, produced perfectly and with impact then come to Hercules Press. We'll make you shine.